Community Led, Design Followed: MANO: Design Museum of Chicago

23 February 2023 

For the 10th Anniversary of the Design Museum of Chicago, our auxiliary board is reflecting on where design has been and where it can go in the future. We are hosting an event series exploring ten areas where design has the potential or the responsibility to make a future impact. 

Join us on Thursday, February 23rd at 6:00pm for Making and Identity, a presentation with MANO (Mexican Art & Object) with Juan De La Mora Monsivais.


Chicago's newest contemporary art gallery is bringing a diverse and nuanced curatorial approach from Mexico to Pilsen, exploring the collapse between craft and fine art. Chicago Mexican-American muralist Juan De La Mora Monsivais will join the gallerists for a conversation on who owns public space, gentrification and the role of art in defining community narrative. 

This series is dedicated to the incomparable Jon Veal, a founding member of DMoC’s Auxiliary Board who transformed Chicago.

Upcoming Topics Include:

MARCH - Community-driven hospitality with Rob McKay and Eric Williams

APRIL - Emerging Visions with the Chicago Architectural Club 

MAY - Design for the Reuse Economy with Rebuilding Exchange and Tom Mulhern 

SUMMER 2023 - Climate Changemakers with Bill Schleizer of the Delta Institute 

FALL 2023 - Art and Climate Change with Colossal