12 November 2022 - 28 February 2023

In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summe

-Albert Camus-

On some path of the world, even farther to the farthest, passing through incomparable trails, and greeting every unknown creature that approaches, there is a walking tribe, winding their way along the paths. A tribe made up of tonas, nahuales, warriors and guardians. The Guardians are the protagonists of our latest collection.

Guardians are brave creatures who safeguard their tribe. These mythical characters of the "Nomads" tale hold their heads high as they accept responsibility for the care, transport and defense of all. Theirs is a story about resistance, persecution and migration in a dystopian future, where science merges with ancestral cosmovisions, among them the Zapotec.

These precious characters, carved in copal wood, walk with their navigators on their backs, the gentle tonas and the intrepid warriors. These unusual creatures bounce in the air like little dancers. Under the care of a Guardian, no risk compares to their strength.

To protect is to give one's life. The Guardians have imparted this lesson upon us: to embrace tightly, to be very careful in every step, in every word spoken; to remain calm in uncertainty for the safety and survival of others. Fortitude is their great gift. How much gentleness is needed for the hardness of survival?

Jacobo and Maria Ángeles are pleased to present their Guardians, a fantastic narrative in development for over 6 years, expressed in an innovative palette of pastel colors and textures based on research onZapotec symbolism. Precious figures, that continue to this day with their incessant walk.